For us, we love renting pet friendly cabins in the Smoky Mountains for our vacation. Not only are these vacation homes a quiet and peaceful place to relax, they also allow you to share your experience with your four-legged best friend.

However, traveling with a dog can sometimes be a little tricky when it comes to figuring out what to pack. That is why we have put together a list of everything you need to bring when you stay in one of our pet friendly cabin rentals.

1. Travel Food/Water Bowl

dog food bowl in pet friendly cabins in the Smoky MountainsThe first step to packing for your next stay in our pet friendly cabins in the Smoky Mountains is to remember to bring a travel food and water bowl. Just like you, your pet will want a plate to eat on and a cup to drink water from.

We recommend a travel version of these because they are a little more sturdy than your everyday bowls. For example, it is easier to throw a bowl made of plastic or metal into a bag and hit the road than it is if the bowl was made of porcelain. The last thing you want is for your pet’s bowl to break when you are en route to your vacation.

dog in crate in pet friendly Smoky Mountian cabins2. Collapsible Crate

The next step for packing for your vacation to our pet friendly cabins in the Smoky Mountains is to remember to bring a collapsible crate. Crates are important because they give your pet a safe and secure place to stay when you and your loved ones are out exploring the area. They also give your dog somewhere to hang out when he or she wants a break from all of the excitement of your trip.

The reason we say to bring a collapsible crate is that it takes up less space that other options both in your rental and in the car. When you aren’t using it, you can easily fold it up and put it away.

3. Sturdy Leash

walking dog near pet friendly cabins in the Smoky MountainsAs a pet parent, you already know the importance of having a sturdy leash when you are out walking with your dog. However, this is especially important when you are in a new location, like when you are staying in pet friendly cabins in the Smoky Mountains.

The reason we want to remind you of this importance is that you and your pet are in a new environment, and your pet will probably want to go explore this area. The sturdy leash is there to make sure your dog can do so while still staying close to you.

Sturdy leashes are anything that is made of a thick woven material or a retractable leash designed to work with your dog’s weight, if not a little higher. The last thing you want is for the leash to break and your dog to run off when you are on vacation.

dog relaxing in pet friendly cabins in the Smoky Mountains4. Pet ID Tags

It is always important to make sure your pet has a collar on with an ID tag with up-to-date information, especially when you are on vacation. Remember, you are in a new area that you pet is unfamiliar with. So, if he or she gets away from you, you want to make sure whoever finds him or her will be able to easily reconnect you two.

If you want, you can create a tag specifically for your trip that includes the name of the cabin rental company you are booking through and the name of your cabin. It is also smart to have a name your dog responds to and your phone number listed on the tag.

5. Old Blanket or T-Shirt

dog sleeping on blanket in pet friendly cabins in the Smoky MountainsOld blankets and t-shirts are great items to carry with you when you are traveling with a pet because they carry familiar smells that remind your dog of home. Not only does this help show your pet that you are in a comforting and welcoming space when you check into your cabin, it also allows them to relax and unwind.

These items are also good to keep in the crate with your pet if you are away for any period of time to keep your dog from getting stressed from the separation.

dog hanging out in pet friendly cabins in the Smoky Mountains6. Extra Dog Food

Depending on which type of dog food you feed your pet, it might be a smart idea to pack a little extra than what they normally would eat during the timeframe you are gone. You never know what might happen.

The grocery stores here may not carry the same brand or type of food you have at home. So, to prevent accidentally giving your dog an upset tummy by suddenly swapping his or her food, pack an extra day or two’s worth and you should be good.

7. Toys & Bones

dog playing with toys in pet friendly cabins in the Smoky MountainsFinishing off your pooch’s packing list, you will want to remember to pack a couple toys or bones for your pet to play with during downtime on your trip. You don’t have to bring the entire toy box, but it is smart to at least bring three or four of your pet’s favorite toys to keep them from getting restless.

Similar to bringing the old blanket or t-shirt, having these toys around will also help you pet feel at home in the new environment, as well as gives them something to keep themselves entertained when you and your loved ones are away and he or she is hanging out in the crate.

Now that you know what to pack, it is time to start planning your next vacation in one of our relaxing pet friendly vacation rentals. You can do so by browsing through all of our pet friendly cabins in the Smoky Mountains.